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Actor & Producer
Amar Talwar
Amar Talwar is an artist and bollywood actor with varied interests.

He studied at the Lawrence School Sanawar and St Stephen's college, Delhi.

After dabbling in Interior Design, Lighting and the Garments Export/Import trade, he took to Photo-jounalism in Delhi and worked freelance in the 1980's primarily for UNICEF and their projects on The Girl Child. 

In the 90's, he took to stage acting, a childhood interest, and was soon cast in India's first daily soap, "Shanti" where he become famous playing the role of Raj G.J.Singh.

He has devoted the last decade primarily to the care of his aging parents who are now no more. 

His latest fad is cross-country motor-biking!

Actor Writer & Director
Subhan Ahmad

Writer & Co-Producer
Imran Ahmad

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